Police questioning -- Canada  

As It Happens "Mr.Big" and the Recent Supreme Court Ruling

The "Mr. Big" ruling is a game changer for those convicted in sting operations. A Supreme Court of Canada ruling calling into question the reliability of confessions obtained during so-called Mr. Big sting operations could prompt the review of dozens of convictions, some legal experts say. This type of sting involves police posing as criminals in an attempt to obtain ...
  • 2014
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CBC News: Disclosure Inside the Interrogation Room

How could an innocent person sign a confession that destroys their life? It's happened time and time again. You may recall the Central Park jogger case where five young men in New York City confessed to a vicious rape they never committed. It has happened in Canada, too. Disclosure takes its journalistic microscope into the interrogation room and reveals the ...
  • 2003
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