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News in Review - December 2005 Gomery Report: Anatomy Of A Scandal

In early November, Justice John Gomery tabled his report on the so-called sponsorship scandal. The sponsorship program was created by Prime Minister Jean Chrtien's Liberal government just after the 1995 Quebec referendum. It was supposed to promote national unity. Instead hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted on kickbacks and corruption. In this News in Review story, we'll look at ...
  • 2005
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Hot Type Robert Kaplan: Keeping Power in a Violent Future

Robert Kaplan's new book is Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands A Pagan Ethos. In it, he argues that in order to keep power in a future filled with continued violence, America must adopt foreign policies that have nothing to do with Judeo-Christian values. Instead, he looks to ancient political philosophers like Machiavelli for guidance and unashamedly promotes the idea that "the ...
  • 2002
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  • 15-17
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The Fifth Estate Brian Mulroney: The Unauthorized Chapter

The Fifth Estate first broadcast this documentary on October 31, 2007, about Brian Mulroney’s attempt in the late 1990s to conceal a questionable financial relationship with a businessman and lobbyist named Karlheinz Schreiber. The story quickly went from the status of historical controversy to the hottest political challenge the Harper government had faced since taking office. Within two weeks, Stephen Harper ...
  • 2008
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