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News in Review - December 2016 ​Enemies of the State: Silencing Dissent in Russia

Russia is in the throes of an old-fashioned crackdown on suspected enemies of the state. The secret police are spying on their own and accusing them of being traitors. Many ordinary Russians are being swept up in this manhunt and jailed on bogus charges of high treason. The CBC’s Susan Ormiston met with one family in the midst of a ...
  • 2016
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Doc Zone Defying Putin Classroom Favourites

All eyes were on Russia during the tumultuous lead-up to the Sochi Olympics — and with recent events in Ukraine, the scrutiny continues. Find out more about the man who has ruled Russia for a dozen years. He could be in power for another dozen. But as we now know, a new generation of Russians is rocking the boat in ...
  • 2014
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