Postwar reconstruction -- Afghanistan  

Doc Zone Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear

For Canada the stakes are unprecedented. More than a billion dollars in aid has been promised to Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime. And with close to 100 Canadian soldiers killed, the military mission in the war-torn country has exacted a considerable human toll. As the mammoth task of rebuilding Afghanistan continues, it's time to address a contentious ...
  • 2008
  • 01:28:21
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The National In the Company of Warlords

For decades the warlords ruled Afghanistan. They destroyed what they could not own. Their legacy is everywhere. The warlords controlled every aspect of daily life before the Taliban, running their affairs through a mixture of corruption and fear. They fought each other in brutal wars, but under American guidance they finally joined together after September 11 and helped defeat the ...
  • 2002
  • 00:26:19
  • 13-14
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News in Review - May 2011 Canada and the Afghanistan Legacy

In July, Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan will come to an end. About 2,000 soldiers stationed in Kandahar will be withdrawn. About 1,000 others will stay on in the country to train Afghan forces. In this News in Review story, we'll look at our nine-year combat mission and what it managed to accomplish.
  • 2011
  • 00:15:59
  • 13-14
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