Refugees -- Vietnam  

Canada: The Story of Us The Canadian Experiment (1976-1999)

Canada seeks to navigate the complexities of its diverse population, keeping its borders open to those who have nowhere else to turn while trying to negotiate a new relationship with Indigenous peoples. This unique example of nationhood serves as an example for the world as Canada moves into the 21st century. Features stories/events include: the Vietnamese boat people, the Oka ...
  • 2017
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CBC News Syrian Refugee Crisis: Lessons from Vietnamese Boat People

As desperate migrants from the Middle East and Africa make their way across Europe, many in Canada are reminded of another refugee crisis that hit close to home. In the late '70s and early '80s, Canada took in 60,000 refugees, at the time often called the "Vietnamese boat people." CBC reporter Judy Trinh was four years old when her family ...
  • 2015
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