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News in Review - October 2017 Social Influencers: Leveraging Popularity for Paydirt

In a world where those with the most followers means popularity and leverage, there’s a new celebrity in town. They’re called social influencers. They tweet, blog and video their brand picks all the way to the bank. And companies are willing to spend big bucks to get their endorsement if they can link their brand to new customers. But what ...
  • 2017
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  • Added on: 10/18/2017

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Fortune Hunters Facebook Factor: Social Networking for Profit

Log on, sign in, and cash out. That seems to be the business model for the multitude of social networking sites that have taken over cyberspace in the past few years. Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter dominate the dot com world and our free time. Canadians spend an average of 43 hours per month online, with Facebook and MySpace ...
  • 2009
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