Social media -- Moral and ethical aspects  

The National The U.K. could ban social media sites in the wake of teen's death

The suicide of a young girl in the U.K. is prompting a heated debate about the responsibility of social media sites to remove harmful content. Her family says she had been viewing disturbing content about self harm on Instagram and Pinterest. Now the British government is considering banning certain platforms if companies don't comply.
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News in Review - January 2017 Revealing Selfies: The Consequences of Sexting

Sharing a sexy selfie with your latest crush may seem harmless, but once online those images live forever. Recently six male teens found out the hard way that sharing intimate pictures of their female schoolmates was also against the law. CBC reporter Ioanna Roumeliotis went to a high school in Nova Scotia to talk to teens about the pressure to ...
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Doc Zone Facebook Follies

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the world’s most successful social networking site. Our relationships, our thoughts, our pastimes, our memories, our lives and deaths — all are now routinely recorded on Facebook. It represents a paradigm shift in communications as significant as the printing press, the telegraph or the television. Inevitably, mishaps, embarrassment and trouble accompany such change. ...
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News in Review - October 2011 The Vancouver Riot: What Went Wrong?

Last June, a riot erupted in downtown Vancouver after that city’s hockey team lost the last game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hundreds of mostly young people went on a rampage, fighting with each other, setting fires, and looting stores. In this News in Review story we’ll look at the riot and what a recent report had to say about ...
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