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News in Review - February 2019 Bomb on Board: The Mystery of CP Flight 21

The mysterious crash of CP Flight 21 five decades ago remains one of the largest unsolved mass murders in Canadian history. The commercial flight took off from Vancouver, bound for Whitehorse on July 8, 1965, when it exploded in mid-air over the B.C interior. All 52 people on board were killed. Weather was ruled out as a factor. The investigation ...
  • 2019
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News in Review - January 2016 ​Al-Qaeda Hostage: The ​Canadian Connection

Matt Schrier was working as a freelance war photographer in Syria when he was captured by al-Qaeda-linked rebels in 2012. He was held prisoner for seven months, tortured and starved and had his identity stolen. On his return to the U.S. Matt revealed that his kidnappers may have had a Canadian connection.
  • 2016
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News in Review - February 2015 Evolving Terrorism

Deadly attacks in Paris, Australia, Canada and Pakistan show a change in the way terrorists are planning and orchestrating their offensives. How are they different and what can governments do to protect their citizens against these insidious acts?
  • 2015
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News in Review - December 2014 Parliament Hill Shootings

It was a day of chaos in an unlikely place — Ottawa's Parliament Hill. A lone gunman shot and killed one soldier before trying to expand his attack. A short time later, the gunman was killed in a hail of bullets. This story looks at how events unfolded, what motivated the gunman and how effective authorities were in containing the ...
  • 2014
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Doc Zone Love, Hate and Propaganda, The War on Terror: Mission Unaccomplished (Part 2 of 2)

The Americans try to stage manage this war. Six weeks after it all began, President George W. Bush declares "mission accomplished" — it's anything but. In fact, the war drags on as al-Qaeda spreads its jihadist message around the world via the internet.
  • 2012
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News in Review - March 2010 The Trials of the Toronto 18

In June 2006, police in Ontario arrested 18 young men and charged them with planning the biggest terrorist attack in Canadian history. In this News in Review we’ll look at the trials of the so-called Toronto 18. We’ll also examine what could have led these young Canadians to want to attack their own country.
  • 2010
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News in Review - September 2006 Toronto Arrests: 18 Face Terror Charges

In a series of raids during the summer of 2006, 18 Toronto-area men were arrested and charged with plotting to carry out terrorist attacks in Canada. In this News in Review story we'll look at what is being described as one of Canada's biggest-ever counterterrorism investigations. We'll look at who the suspects are and what they're accused of doing. We'll ...
  • 2006
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News in Review - May 2005 Bitter End: The Air India Trial Verdict

In mid-March, 2005, two men were found not guilty of charges related to Canada’s worst case of mass murder: the bombing of Air India Flight 182. The jumbo jet was ripped apart by an explosion high over the Atlantic Ocean on June 23, 1985. All 329 people on board, most of them Canadian, were killed. In this News in Review ...
  • 2005
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News in Review - September 1995 The Air India Crash: A Racist Investigation?

Ten years after the crash, charges persist that the crime would have been solved long ago if the majority of the victims had been white Canadians.
  • 1995
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