Transgenic organisms -- Risk assessment  

The National Genetically Modified Salmon Approved by FDA

A genetically modified salmon that grows at twice the rate of regular salmon has been approved as food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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Country Canada Franken Foods

Food activists have coined the phrase "Franken Foods" and say the new technology puts us all at risk. For many farmers, it's just one more piece of technology that's both efficient and safe. Country Canada hears from both sides of the argument and talks to Prince Edward Island activist Aaron Koleszar, whose protests at the World Trade Organization meeting in ...
  • 2000
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Marketplace Organic Food Primer

Organic food is the fastest growing segment of the food industry in Canada. The use of pesticides, genetically modified foods, and antibiotics in animals are a few of the reasons people are choosing organic. But is it really better for you, and is it better for the planet? When you buy organic food, what does that label really mean? Which ...
  • 2000
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The National Field of Genes

The National takes a look at the promise and the peril of bioengineered food. Foods that we are eating are being genetically altered. Are these high tech foods safe? This documentary deals with the reality that more and more bio-engineered food is arriving in stores daily and consumers don't know what's been genetically altered and what's not. The issue of control ...
  • 1997
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News in Review - November 1999 Genetics In Food: Changing Mother Nature

According to many people, including scientists such as David Suzuki, scientific advances are not always consistent with or beneficial to consumers when long-range effects are unknown. This is the key issue behind the groundswell of opposition to genetically engineered food, an agricultural and marketing phenomenon that started in Europe. Despite the potential benefits of improved foodstuffs for alleviating global hunger, ...
  • 1999
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