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Good People with Mark Sakamoto The Root of Violence

Toronto has had its worst year yet for gun violence. But why? And what's being done? Host Mark Sakamoto searches for the people looking to make a difference. Among those he speaks with are members of the One by One Movement, a group of former gang, extremist and organized crime members aiming to give youth alternatives to extreme violence.
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CBC Docs POV Year of the Gun

A powerful examination of Toronto’s escalation in gun violence and its impact on community safety and well-being. Toronto markets itself as a world-class, diverse and tolerant city. But if you scratch beneath the surface, the 428 shootings that took place in 2018 will tell a different story. Captured in this documentary by Toronto filmmaker Marc de Guerre, it’s a story of ...
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News in Review - December 2018 Under the Gun: Toronto's War Against Firearm Violence

In 2018 Canada’s largest city, Toronto, saw a massive increase in gun violence on its streets. Shootings were so frequent and often flagrant, taking place in broad daylight and near children’s playgrounds. The numbers were so high it had people worried that gun deaths in 2018 would surpass those of the so-called “Summer of the Gun” back in 2005. Police, ...
  • 2018
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The National Treating gun violence as a public health issue could save lives

Toronto's board of health has accepted a report based on months of research advocating that it treat gun violence like any other threat to the health of Torontonians.
  • 2018
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The Fifth Estate Lost in the Struggle

Why are young men in certain neighbourhoods of Canadian cities drawn to a culture of violence? For almost a year, three young men who grew up on the rough streets of the Jane and Finch area of Toronto gave Gillian Findlay and The Fifth Estate unprecedented access to the complexities that make up their neighbourhood and their world. For these three friends ...
  • 2006
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