Ideas Massey Lectures 2013: Truth and Honour (Part 2 of 5)

Ideas Massey Lectures 2013: Truth and Honour (Part 2 of 5)

The second lecture in the 2013 Massey Lectures series, Blood: The Stuff of Life, by celebrated author Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes). We associate blood with notions of truth and honour in at least two ways: first, how we go about removing it from human bodies, and once it's out, what we use it for; then, what happens when we meddle with the composition of our blood.

  • 2013
  • 00:53:58
  • 15-17
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Blood -- Social aspects [LCSH] Blood -- Psychological aspects [LCSH] Blood -- History [LCSH] Blood -- Religious aspects [LCSH] Blood -- Transfusion -- Social aspects [LCSH] Blood -- Diseases [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] World history [LCSH] Philosophy [LCSH]
Paul Kennedy (Host), Lawrence Hill (Narrator), Bernie Lucht (Producer), Philip Coulter (Production Coordinator), Greg Kelly (Production Coordinator)
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