Quirks & Quarks Stormy Weather on Brown Dwarfs

Quirks & Quarks Stormy Weather on Brown Dwarfs

Brown dwarfs are strange interstellar objects that are similar to giant planets in size and sometimes temperature, but more massive and luminous, like stars. Dr. Stanimir Metchev, an astrophysicist at Western University, has been studying the weather on brown dwarfs, and found that all brown dwarfs are home to extreme storms, featuring winds of hundreds or thousands of kilometres per hour, likely accompanied by some pretty nasty blizzards of iron snow.

  • 2014
  • 00:08:14
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 02/10/2014
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Brown dwarf stars [LCSH] Space environment [LCSH] Extrasolar planets [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Space sciences [LCSH]
Torah Kachur (Host), Jim Handman (Producer), Emily Chung (Producer), Jim Lebans (Producer)
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