Canada 150

Hours of educational content for the 150th anniversary of Canada.



  • #StandForCanada Youth Challenge highlights

    #StandForCanada Youth Challenge highlights

    In 2017, to mark Canada's 150th and explore the theme of what it means to live in Canada, we hosted the #StandForCanada contest. Here are some of the highlig...

  • Canada: The Story of Us plus roundtable discussions

    Canada: The Story of Us plus roundtable discussions

    This collection pairs the 10-part Canada: The Story of Us series with five Facebook Live roundtables that accompanied the original series broadcast and broa...

  • Indigenous Youth

    Indigenous Youth

    This collection takes a closer look at the hopes, experiences and challenges of Indigenous youth in Canada today. Among the topics examined are cultural iden...

  • Immigration


    May 17 to 23, 2021 is Citizenship Week in Canada. Immigration and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship are central themes in Canadian his...


  • Becoming Canadian

    Becoming Canadian

    Every year, hundreds of thousands take the Oath of Citizenship and officially become Canadian citizens. It’s the emotional culmination of a long and often ro...

  • CANAdooDAday


    This original, 13-part animated digital series for kids ages 6 to 12 serves up historical highlights and fun facts about Canada with a twist.

  • We Are Canada

    We Are Canada

    We Are Canada celebrates the next generation of talented and passionate change-makers whose works are shaping and defining our future in imaginative way...

  • Anne


    Winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best Drama Series, Anne is a coming-of-age story about an outsider who, against all odds and numerous challenges...

  • Canada: The Story of Us

    Canada: The Story of Us

    Canada: The Story of Us is an epic adventure history series that tells the story of our country. Over 10 hours, the drama-documentary tells the extraord...

  • We are the Best

    We are the Best

    We are the Best is a collection of 52 short video documentaries that celebrates and explores the extraordinary richness of Canada’s culinary heritage. In a w...

  • Keeping Canada Safe

    Keeping Canada Safe

    Keeping Canada Safe is an exclusive snapshot into a dramatic, day-in-the-life of various Canadian emergency services including police, firefighters, airport ...

  • True North Calling

    True North Calling

    True North Calling is a documentary series that follows the lives of several compelling, resourceful Canadians living across the North, showing what it ...

  • 8th Fire

    8th Fire

    With its energetic pace and stunning HD landscapes, 8th Fire propels us past prejudice, stereotypes and misunderstandings, to encounters with an im...

  • ReVision Quest

    ReVision Quest

    ReVision Quest mixes personal storytelling, current affairs interviews and comedy to explore issues affecting Native peoples today, kicking some ass-ump...