Day 6 "He doesn’t need the NFL": How Colin Kaepernick controls his narrative

Colin Kaepernick may still be without a job, but the football quarterback is making his presence known. During the 2018 NFL season opener, Kaepernick was featured in a Nike ad. Two years ago, Kaepernick became famous – and infamous – for taking a knee during the national anthem in protest against racial inequality and police violence. The former San Francisco ...
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The National 'Battle' over as Trudeau, Trump, Pena Nieto sign 'new NAFTA'

The road to rewrite the North American trade agreement was a "battle," U.S. President Donald Trump said as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto joined him for a signing ceremony on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.
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Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse A Global Tsunami (Part 2 of 4)

The meltdown's devastation ripples around the world, from California to Iceland to China. Facing economic ruin, desperate world leaders are at each other's throats.
  • 2010
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News in Review - December 2013 A Look Back at Business 2013

From low tech to high tech to labour, 2013 brought of mixture of success and failure in the business world. BlackBerry faltered while Canada's federal and provincial governments made cooperating with others a way to success. Meanwhile, the uneasy relationship between ethics and business came to the fore in the aftermath of a tragedy overseas.
  • 2013
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News in Review - September 2002 A New Plan to Save Africa

For decades, independent Africa has suffered through poor economic and trade conditions, inadequate health and education programs, and severe leadership problems. Billions of dollars of Western aid have not changed the continent’s plight. Now, there is a Canadian initiative to change all that. At the meeting in Alberta of the world’s eight leading economic countries this summer, a plan was ...
  • 2002
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On the Money Adapting our cities

Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner and executive director of the City of Toronto, discusses issues such as transit, density and costs with CBC's Peter Armstrong. She stresses the importance of resilient cities that can absorb the shocks of climate change.
  • 2017
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News in Review - February 2014 Addiction and the Food Industry

There is science behind the manufacturing of the foods we eat — science that makes us crave more, eat more, want more. That science is being used every day by the food giants to keep us hooked. They use sugar, salt and liquid fat to make foods as addictive as narcotics. In this report, CBC health reporter Kelly Crowe investigates ...
  • 2014
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The National Advantage Canada: Canadian Currency in a Global Marketplace

In Moncton, when CN cut thousands of jobs, the provincial government decided to follow the information highway and developed an internet infrastructure. The province preached the benefits of the infrastructure and the low Canadian dollar to Americans, and they bought it. The facts are impressing: many international firms are setting up shop across Canada. The attractions? Medicare, lower wages for ...
  • 2002
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Fortune Hunters Adventure Travel: Marketing Unique Experiences

These days, people are eager to explore the world in new and exciting ways. Flying a jet over Antartica, following ancient Inca trails in Peru, or discovering local culture in small African villages — experiential travel has been on the rise. The industry was flying high until it was hit hard by the recessionary times. In November 2008, tourism in ...
  • 2009
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Desjardins Vignettes Advertising

Many ads make false promises. Could you recognize them?
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