The National Canadians pay big fees for Internet — so why don't they switch companies?

Canadians pay some of the biggest fees for Internet service, and Canada's big telecommunication companies are raising their prices — so why don't Canadians switch to other companies? There are many alternatives to Bell, Rogers and Telus, but consumers seem reluctant to switch. CBC News takes a look at why Canadians continue to pay huge fees even as they complain ...
  • 2018
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News in Review - February 2009 Canadians, Credit Cards and Debt

For many years Canadians have been on a credit card binge. Now, as the economic crisis deepens, a lot of them find themselves with high levels of personal debt. In this News in Review story we’ll look at why so many Canadian households are overextended. We’ll also examine why it’s so easy to fall into the credit trap and what ...
  • 2009
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Doc Zone Canine Confidential

Canine Confidential explores a contemporary coexistence like nothing else in the human-animal world. We've always claimed dogs are "man's best friend," but it now seems they've become full-fledged members of our family, too. Today, doggie couture is a multi-billion dollar business, dog dancing is an unlikely but highly competitive craze, and in Texas, you can find the only military base ...
  • 2008
  • 00:44:32
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 06/14/2013

Doc Zone CannaBiz

Canada's $20 billion-dollar marijuana industry is at a violent crossroads between crime and commerce. Impossible to police, yet steadily gaining public acceptance, the cannabis industry is now so vast and vital to Canada's national economy that it can no longer be ignored. With inside access to growers, gangsters and police, CannaBiz untangles the inner workings of the marijuana industry and ...
  • 2009
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Venture Captain Ihab

Ihab Shaker moved to Canada from his native Egypt, and the sea captain has a dream of bringing a ferry service to the Great Lakes. He thinks commuters and tourists will love a regular, traffic-free run from Toronto to Port Dalhousie in the Niagara Peninsula. Regular ferries stopped plying the Great Lakes a generation ago but Shaker is risking everything ...
  • 1997
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Doc Zone Carbon Hunters

Carbon Hunters delves into the controversial, little-understood, yet booming industry of carbon credit trading. Sometimes called emissions trading, carbon offset, or cap-and-trade, it's a market-driven solution that puts a fixed price on pollution, allowing those who pollute to pay and those who don't to profit. It may be a potentially workable mechanism towards solving what most people now acknowledge as the ...
  • 2009
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The National Carbon tax: What effect has it had on B.C.?

A federal carbon tax has been a hot topic for debate for many provinces that don't have one — but B.C. has for the last 10 years. The National looks at the effect B.C.'s carbon tax has had on the province.
  • 2018
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Marketplace Cellphone bill busters: How to lower your bill

Canadians are charged some of the highest prices in the world for cellphone service. And when we have a problem, it’s often tough to get it solved. Follow three Canadian consumers who are tired of navigating customer service options and waiting forever on hold. Take advantage of the Marketplace team's inside information: help from a long-time customer service rep and a professional ...
  • 2016
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  • Added on: 01/18/2017

Fortune Hunters Cellphone Frenzy: Making Money with Mobile Applications

Canadians send over 45 million text messages every day, a statistic that has cellphone companies “LOL-ing” all the way to the bank. And even in 2009’s murky economy, it looks like the mobile market is still one worth dialing into. Cellphones are a $3.8 trillion dollar worldwide industry, with Canadian market accounting for a $38 billion dollar chunk of that ...
  • 2009
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Charly and Max get involved Charly’s market

Charly realizes you have to be creative if you want to be an entrepreneur and not simply copy the ideas of others.
  • 2014
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  • Added on: 10/03/2014