News in Review - October 1996 Human Reproduction: Redefining Life

Technology and the control over human reproduction is the point of departure for examining the related controversial social and ethical issues.
  • 1996
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The Current Human Trafficking of Inuit Women and Girls

They don't even have a name for it in Inuktitut, but a new study says human trafficking of Inuit women and girls is an alarming trend that must be tackled. There are reports of families approached to sell babies, and Aboriginal youth between 11 and 14 lured with free trips south and then trafficked for sex. Anna Maria Tremonti hears ...
  • 2014
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Witness Hunting Bobby Oatway

Bobby Gordon Oatway physically and sexually abused a number of young children, including his own two-year-old son. While released on parole into the custody of a halfway house, local residents mount a fierce and highly publicized campaign to get Oatway out of their neighbourhood. This documentary challenges the viewer to decide between the rights of the offender, his victims and ...
  • 1997
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The Current Iacobucci Report on Detention and Torture

Anna Maria Tremonti’s guests discuss Justice Frank Iacobucci’s final, supplementary report into the detention and torture of Canadian citizen Ahmad El Maati. Mr. El Maati is a Canadian citizen who, in 2001, was detained while in Syria for his wedding. He was jailed, interrogated and tortured in prisons in Syria and Egypt. He has never been charged with anything in any ...
  • 2010
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Marketplace Identity Theft

Imagine someone stealing who you are: they take your name, they take your date of birth, they take your social insurance number and they start using it to their benefit. It's a chilling scenario and in this age of computers, very easy to accomplish. What steps can you take to prevent it happening to you?
  • 1999
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Witness In Security: The New Age of Policing

As police forces have been cut back, the private security business has boomed. Investigating this growing industry, cameras follow officers on patrol from the poor high-rise neighbourhoods of Toronto to the wealthy gated communities of Florida. We visit Disney World, the birthplace of this new form of policing, and then see how citizen involvement has changed the face of Oxnard, ...
  • 1998
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CBC Docs POV Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier New

This is a riveting true story about a reclusive young woman from a small Manitoba First Nation who made international headlines. Shelly Chartier was portrayed by the media as a master manipulator who used social media to target an NBA superstar and an aspiring model. Through the sensitive and intelligent lens of Indigenous directors Lisa Jackson and Shane Belcourt, the ...
  • 2017
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The National Inside Canada's Prisons

This CBC News Special provides a thorough and straightforward portrait of how Canada deals with people who break the law: from the special handling unit where the most dangerous are held to a minimum security facility that some say is too soft; from a man who's never been in prison before to those who will spend the rest of their ...
  • 2001
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The National Inside CSIS

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is Canada’s spy agency, created to worry for us. CSIS worries that terror attacks that have struck at allies will strike here, too. It frets about nuclear plants, airports, a new surge in foreign spying, and that technology and trade secrets will land in the wrong hands. Some Canadians are concerned that CSIS worries too ...
  • 2010
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CBC | Radio-Canada (Eng) Inside Information: Stories from the Street (Part 2 of 3)

On its opening night, September 8, 1952, the first news story broadcast on CBC Television was the dramatic escape and subsequent capture of Toronto's notorious bank robbers, The Boyd Gang. This documentary features archival footage from the groundbreaking Connections series, and looks at the investigative nature of The Fifth Estate's coverage of the wrongly convicted, the changing approach to the ...
  • 2002
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