Small Talk Goodness

This episode of Small Talk looks at the idea of morality, more specifically the importance of being a good person and why it’s important to be one.
  • 2017
  • 00:02:20
  • 5-8
  • Added on: 11/20/2017

Metro Morning Hanukkah and Christmas Decorations Removed

When officials from the Town of Mount Royal removed Christmas and Hanukkah decorations outside the town hall in an effort to avoid displaying religious symbols, it sparked anger among some local residents.
  • 2013
  • 00:05:08
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 12/20/2013

Metro Morning Hanukkah, Celebrating Families

Matt Galloway speaks with Yacov Fruchter, the spiritual leader from the Annex Shul in Toronto. They discuss the meaning of Hanukkah and the important role of this celebration for not only Jewish families and the Jewish community, but also the larger world.
  • 2013
  • 00:06:10
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 12/10/2013

Mansbridge One on One Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad

The Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslims talks to Peter Mansbridge. He expresses the belief that Trump will not implement anti-Muslim measures after assuming the U.S. presidency. But he did tell Mansbridge that if Trump were to actually follow through on the anti-Muslim rhetoric, he feared it could lead to a civil war in the United States. He emphasizes, however, that Muslims ...
  • 2016
  • 00:22:21
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 03/03/2017

CBC Short Docs Headdress

“To me, the headdress is a symbol of leadership.” JJ Neepin is a female Indigenous filmmaker, and with the help of photographer Nadya Kwandibens, she plans to recreate her great-grandfather’s portrait. The headdress is a powerful symbol with great meaning in First Nations communities. Headdress is the start of an ongoing conversation about tradition and cultural appropriation.
  • 2017
  • 00:05:48
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 06/14/2017

News in Review - December 2001 Islam: An Overview

In light of the events of September 11, 2001, and a renewed focus on Islam, senior correspondent Joe Schlesinger presents an essay on this major world religion in which we look at its history and the conflicts that have shaped it.
  • 2001
  • 00:15:55
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 12/15/2001

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Rewind It's Debatable : The Christmas Myth / Morningside Debating Society on Christmas Trees

Rewind host Michael Enright introduces two seasonal programs from the past. From 1968, an episode of It's Debatable hosted by Elwy Yost. High school students were invited to have a conversation about Christmas and the "Christmas Myth", and they zeroed in on commercialism and the true meaning of the holiday. Apparently not much has changed in the last 40 years. ...
  • 2007
  • 00:52:40
  • 15-17
  • Added on: 12/06/2013

Andrew Marr's History of the World Japanese lockdown

Japan was pulled into trade by the Portuguese and Dutch Jesuits, but it was Englishman William Adams who proved valuable to Japan's most powerful warlord, Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • 2012
  • 00:06:24
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 01/28/2020

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ReVision Quest Jesus vs. Nanabush

Darrell looks at religion and native people, exploring some of their different traditional beliefs.
  • 2009
  • 00:27:04
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 12/11/2013

News in Review - February 2006 Keeping Faith: Young Muslims and Love

Finding that special someone, the person you want to spend your life with, is never easy. But it can be even harder when you are looking for someone with the same religious background. Many second-generation Canadian Muslims are rejecting the traditional practice of arranged marriages, but they don't want to stray from their culture altogether. In this News in Review ...
  • 2006
  • 00:13:50
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 02/15/2006

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