News in Review - February 1991 The Manitoba Nurses' Strike

This strike leads us to an examination of the nursing profession and Canada's health care system.
  • 1991
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The National The MMIWG Inquiry | Up to Speed

The national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls began last year, but advocacy groups and some families have been critical of the process. Some say the inquiry has struggled to connect with the families of the victims.
  • 2017
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CBC Docs POV The Reckoning: Hollywood's Worst Kept Secret

Powerful, personal and uncensored, The Reckoning explores the most explosive scandal in pop culture’s history: sexual harassment in Hollywood. The film features devastating accounts from a diverse cast and points a spotlight on the irrefutable facts that propelled these seemingly invincible players to be protected and their secrets hidden at all costs. It explores what can be done and if anything can ...
  • 2018
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The Fifth Estate The Ultimate Response

On April 26, 1994, an all-male riot squad descended on the Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario, after four days of incidents and assaults at the prison. The Fifth Estate obtained a copy of video shot by the response team and Corrections Canada tried to block airing the footage. It shows the male guards helping to strip, chain and remove ...
  • 1995
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News in Review - October 1995 The UN Women's Summit: Two Weeks In China

Women from around the world gather in China, a country that severely limits human rights and fears open discussion, to discuss problems that affect them all and to establish new directions.
  • 1995
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The National The Unsolved Murder of Leah Anderson

Hundreds of cases of missing or murdered Indigenous women remain unsolved. But while those numbers reveal the scope, they can also obscure the individual. Because each woman, each girl has her own story. Connie Walker reached into an isolated Manitoba community and talked to family and friends of Leah Anderson about her murder and the police investigation. The unsolved slaying ...
  • 2015
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Firsthand The War at Home

Across Canada, a woman is killed every six days by her intimate partner. Another 3,000 flee their homes each night, seeking refuge in shelters. This must-see documentary offers an intimate look at a private battlefield, one where thousands of Canadian women live in fear in the one place they should feel safe – their homes. Warning: this program may contain ...
  • 2016
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The Fifth Estate Too Young to Lose

This documentary from CBC's The Fifth Estate tells the story of four young Edmonton women who became ensnared in the sex trade, singled out and exploited by pimps preying upon their vulnerability. Mark Kelley sat down with these young women to find out how they were recruited and groomed for the sex trade. The Fifth Estate also spoke with police and with community and ...
  • 2015
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The National Trump, #MeToo and Times Up movements change romance

The romance novel genre is a billion-dollar industry in the U.S. and there's a big shift happening, as writers empower the female characters in their stories.
  • 2018
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The Early Edition UBC Launches Consent Campaign

As six unsolved cases of sexual assault continue to cast a shadow over the University of British Columbia, the school has created a program to educate students about consent. Two-thirds of Canadians don't understand the concept of consent, said Janet Mee, the director of access and diversity at UBC. "Consent is more than no means no. It's maybe means no. ...
  • 2015
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