• New collection: Fake News and Disinformation

    Fake news and disinformation are increasingly spreading on the internet, especially on social media. But how can you recognize fake news, and why is it being shared so widely? This collection presents the issue and gives some tips on how to protect yourself from fake news and disinformation.


  • New collection: Fighting Racism and Discrimination

    This collection looks at the fight against discrimination and racism in Canada. It includes examples of ongoing efforts across the country to remove barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion and to reduce inequities in all sectors of society.


  • New collection: Gumboot Kids Curriculum

    "Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Yet we know that a daily dose of nature makes kids smarter, more curious and creative. It’s simple: Kids need more nature! The Gumboot Kids is an excellent teaching tool..." 

    - Ian Hanington, Senior Editor, David Suzuki Foundation

    The Gumboot Kids invite children to experience the wonders of nature. This collection will inspire kids to get outside and give them ideas about how to engage with nature once they are there. Curriculum guides offer opportunities for hands-on learning, physical activity and crafts. The guides also further explore the concept of mindfulness.

    Watch for more Gumboot Kids curriculum guides coming soon!


  • New collection: Climate Change

    According to a 2019 Environment and Climate Change Canada report, the country is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with northern Canada heating up at almost three times the global average. From devastating wildfires to massive storms, the increase in extreme weather has been a reminder that climate change is already happening. This collection examines the state of the environment while also highlighting trends and solutions that are moving us to a more sustainable future.


  • New collection: Privacy and data protection

    In 2018 Ottawa introduced new privacy rules designed to better safeguard the personal data of Canadians, but even security experts say they are far from perfect. Many feel Canada should further tighten its data protection and privacy legislation. This collection explores the question while also considering how we can ensure companies become more transparent in disclosing to their customers the personal data collected about them on the Internet.


  • New collection: Canada in Space

    This collection examines Canada's role in space exploration. Eleven Canadians have flown into space — 10 trained astronauts and one civilian. Canadians have flown on 14 manned NASA missions and three Russian Soyuz missions. The latest Canadian in space is David Saint-Jacques, an engineer, physician and astrophysicist recruited by the Canadian Space Agency in 2009. In December 2018, the 48-year-old Quebec City native departed for his first mission to the International Space Station, where he will spend six and a half months conducting experiments, operating Canadarm2 (the Canadian-built robotic arm aboard the ISS) and testing new technologies.


  • Curio.ca: Celebrating 5 years

    Five years ago (October 2013), we launched curio.ca, a streaming platform for Canadian educators with a mission to offer our best content to meet the ever-changing needs of the educational community.

    Curio.ca is a subscription-based service that provides educators access to thousands of hours of high-quality digital content from CBC and Radio-Canada, covering all subject matter and grade levels in English and French. More than a streaming video platform, curio.ca is a curated learning environment for educators and students — accessible in the classroom, at the library or at home.

    We entered a competitive market when we launched the site, but we knew we had something very different and special to offer. We have grown substantially since then, as noted in the infographic below, and today over 3 million students and more than 3,000 institutions access the platform in all provinces and territories in Canada.

    Over the years, curio.ca has developed valuable partnerships with many of our departments like CBC News, CBC Books, CBC Indigenous, Radio-Canada Info and RAD.ca that allow us to extend our offerings to educators and develop robust support materials.

    Did you know?

    Curio.ca helps educators give students the fuel to ask great questions about ideas, big and small. We are excited to share the success of the platform and continue sharing great content to promote education across the country!

  • CBC's Finding Cleo wins best serialized story at Third Coast International Audio Festival

    A CBC investigation that revealed the truth behind a young girl's disappearance is now being recognized at one of the world's top audio festivals.

    Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo won the inaugural award for best serialized story at the Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago, which awards excellence in non-fiction audio storytelling.

    The podcast follows host Connie Walker's investigation into the disappearance of Cleopatra Semaganis Nicotine. In the 1970s, the young Cree girl was apprehended by child welfare workers in Saskatchewan and adopted into an American family.

    Her siblings, who were also placed with new families, reconnected as adults — but for decades, they couldn't find Cleo. The painful rumours about her fate, and their prolonged search for the truth, form the heart of the 10-part podcast.

    "We are thrilled that Cleo's story is being heard by people around the world and recognized by the judges at Third Coast," said Walker, who wanted the podcast to both solve the mystery and shed light on the bigger context around the controversial Adopt Indian and Mé​tis program.

    "It was a privilege to be entrusted to tell Cleo's story — to help her family uncover the truth about her death but also to shine a light on what happened to a generation of Indigenous children who were taken during the Sixties Scoop."

    Walker, herself a Cree woman from Saskatchewan, said she recognized something of herself in the story. She and her production team spent months "consumed" by their investigation.

    "When I saw the photo of Cleo for the first time, I felt like she could have been somebody that I knew growing up," she said. "It really hit home for me."

    The story captured the attention of a panel of judges from Third Coast, who bill their annual awards ceremony as the "Oscars of Radio" and review entries from around the world.


  • Inside Canada's first face transplant

    Face Transplant chronicles an extraordinary surgical success story: the first complete face transplant ever performed in Canada. With just a 50 percent chance of success, medical teams spent 15 months planning every part of the 35-hour operation, consulting with experts, weighing the risks and searching for a donor. From research to recovery, Face Transplant offers viewers an inside look at this remarkable journey, fuelled by courage, hope and determination.


  • What does it mean to be 14 and Muslim in Canada?

    14 & Muslim is a one-hour documentary that follows Sahar, Malaieka and Ahmad as they make the transition from a private Islamic elementary school to high school. Will they and their family choose the familiar – though some might say insular – confines of Islamic High School? Or will they opt for a public or even Catholic high school and enter a new, less familiar world?

    Shot over six months, we follow these kids as they navigate new worlds and take their first tentative steps towards adulthood. Through the wide eyes of those still forming what it means to be a person in the world, we begin to understand the dilemma facing many Muslim kids here in Canada.

    As they take us on their journey revealing fears, anxieties, hopes and dreams, their story moves from the familiar to the strange, from the known to the unknown and unfolds against a larger backdrop: that of a Western world that seems to be increasingly turning against them. Up close and personal, 14 & Muslim looks at how ideas of diversity and tolerance play out in the Canadian classroom.

    To accompany the documentary, a specially developed Educator’s Resource Guide for Grades 7 to 12 is available to download from the film’s website.