• Federal Election 2015: Peter Mansbridge’s interviews with party leaders

    “What is it about you that you feel should make you a prime minister?”

    CBC News's chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge sat down for exclusive one-on-one interviews with each of the main federal party leaders in advance of the election on October 19.

    The aim: to give voters a better sense of the leaders themselves and their politics. 

    "The premise is simple; the execution a challenge," Mansbridge writes.

    "We requested the same thing from each of the parties: a full 30 minutes with their leaders, uninterrupted in a venue of their choice, but away from the campaign trail, away from the rallies and the whistle-stops and the media buses.

    "The interviews would be wide-ranging. No topic was off limits, and, as with every one we do, no questions were provided beforehand."

    One question that was particularly tricky for each of the leaders: "​What is it about you that you feel should make you a prime minister?" The answers are surprising.

    Watch all the interviews on Curio.ca now.

    The videos appear in the order the interviews originally aired on CBC's The National:

    Stephen Harper interview 

    Justin Trudeau interview 

    Thomas Mulcair interview 

    Elizabeth May interview 

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