• A Skill for Life (with English subtitles)


    Stress has become a scourge in our societies, but it was long believed that children are not affected by it. In 1988 Edmundston, New Brunswick nurse Renée Guimond Plourde noted that her 6-year-old son, who was just starting school, suffered from symptoms related to stress. In the absence of literature on the subject, parents, in cooperation with administrators and teachers at the school, began to seek ways to help children manage their stress in everyday life. The children themselves chose visualization as a stress-management tool.

    Twenty-five years and several thousand children later, the experiment continues and has been expanded to other New Brunswick schools. There has also been growing interest at the international level. This documentary looks at the history of the project and its future prospects.

  • Silent Majority: raising awareness on bullying


    Based on the true story of Adam Tanguay, a young man who was bullied at primary school, high school, and even later at his workplace, Silent Majority highlights the emotions felt by the victims, aggressors and witnesses of school bullying. The film aims to empower students to do the right thing when confronted with a similar situation.

    In addition, the Silent Majority Teacher's Facilitation and Companion Guide (available as a free downloadable PDF on Curio.ca) is intended to help educators generate meaningful discussion in class after viewing the film. This guide was written by Michel Dubé, B.Sc., a youth counsellor who worked on the original French-language version of the film.

    Finally, Silent Majority: Beyond the Movie, a companion behind-the-scenes documentary that is also featured on Curio.ca, looks at the making of the film and includes a Q&A session with the film’s actors sharing their views on bullying.

  • Burgundy Jazz Teacher Resource Guide Now Available

    BURGUNDY JAZZ educational guide trailer from Catbird Productions on Vimeo.

    View the web documentary here.

    Burgundy Jazz is a multiplatform web documentary exploring Montreal’s incredible contribution to jazz music history through the legendary black musicians of Little Burgundy – the neighbourhood that was a hub of musical creativity, private clubs and speakeasies from the Jazz Age 1920s to the Golden Era of Jazz in the 1940s and 50s. Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Norman Marshall Villeneuve, the Sealey Brothers, Nelson Symonds, and Louis Metcalf are among the greats who lived or played in "Burgundy".

    The accompanying Burgundy Jazz Teacher Resource Guide, aimed at educators at the elementary (Grades 6-8) and secondary school levels, supports learning initiatives for each platform: web doc, app and eBook. It is designed to link to a variety of disciplines and subject matters, including Arts Education (Music), Social Sciences (Geography and History) and Language Arts, while leveraging Media Education/Media Literacy, critical thinking and Citizenship Education. Students are invited to think about social themes raised in Burgundy Jazz while they broach inquiry-based learning and media production. Explore the guide’s research-creation projects highlighting technology education, with low-tech options also available.

    5 units/98 pages

    Discover the guide