• Wasted Documentary & Addiction: The Next Step Interactive Guide

    If you've watched Wasted, you may be keen to know more about the revolutionary new research in addiction treatment the documentary explores.

    Addiction: The Next Step is a project intended to change the conversation around addiction. The website and interactive guide introduce evidence-based approaches in addiction treatment and is aimed at families and loved ones of those battling a substance use disorder. The guide teaches a whole new way of communicating with the substance user, that shifts the conversation from shaming and blaming to compassion and kindness. Most importantly, this evidence-based program gets 7 out of 10 treatment-resistant users to seek help.

    The website and guide were developed by Bountiful Films, the producers of the documentary Wasted, and digital partner Magnify Digital, in collaboration with the Center for Motivation and Change, a group of clinicians and researchers specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviours.


  • New Collection: Canadian Parliamentary Democracy


    Our latest collection presents an overview of Canada's parliamentary system. Students will gain insight into the role of Members of Parliament and the basic structure and functions of the House of Commons and Senate.

    We also examine some of the more recent hot-button issues in Canadian parliamentary life, including calls to address what some perceive as a “democratic deficit”, whether by means of Senate reform, coalition governments, or changes to Canada’s electoral system, such as introducing proportional representation.