• Curio.ca: Celebrating 5 years

    Five years ago (October 2013), we launched curio.ca, a streaming platform for Canadian educators with a mission to offer our best content to meet the ever-changing needs of the educational community.

    Curio.ca is a subscription-based service that provides educators access to thousands of hours of high-quality digital content from CBC and Radio-Canada, covering all subject matter and grade levels in English and French. More than a streaming video platform, curio.ca is a curated learning environment for educators and students — accessible in the classroom, at the library or at home.

    We entered a competitive market when we launched the site, but we knew we had something very different and special to offer. We have grown substantially since then, as noted in the infographic below, and today over 3 million students and more than 3,000 institutions access the platform in all provinces and territories in Canada.

    Over the years, curio.ca has developed valuable partnerships with many of our departments like CBC News, CBC Books, CBC Indigenous, Radio-Canada Info and RAD.ca that allow us to extend our offerings to educators and develop robust support materials.

    Did you know?

    Curio.ca helps educators give students the fuel to ask great questions about ideas, big and small. We are excited to share the success of the platform and continue sharing great content to promote education across the country!