Brain Games

This engaging series sizes up the human brain with an intricate succession of interactive experiments to see how easily the brain can be fooled. Facts and fun come together to teach us exactly what lies within your brain. The series examines the secrets to good and evil; strange pathways that connect you to your body, and a hidden “you” controlling your actions without you even realizing it. Delve into topics like focus, fear, persuasion, decision-making and neural fitness and turn your mind’s eye inward for an entertaining and revealing journey into the 3.5 pounds of tissue that make you... you. Produced by National Geographic.

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Brain Games Pay Attention!

This episode on 'attention' is shot in the attention-demanding city of Las Vegas. Our guide for this episode's journey into the brain will be master magician David Copperfield, whose stock and trade is manipulating an audience's attention to produce amazing illusions. Magicians like David understand the psychology of the human mind as well as any lab scientist, and we will ...
  • 2011
  • 00:45:00
  • 13-14
  • Added on: 01/04/2016

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