Andrew Marr's History of the World American Civil War

Andrew Marr describes how the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln changed American history forever. The focus is on Abraham Lincoln’s role in the conflict and his assassination. Scenes shown include violence towards slaves, Lincoln’s assassination and battle scenes. The long-term consequences of national division, segregation and lynching are also outlined. Warning: There are violent scenes in this video. Teacher notes: In pairs, ask students to create two contrasting newspaper headlines together with supporting outline points to illustrate the conflicting points of view of the North and the South. The pair can then write a balanced obituary for their newspaper examining the extent of Abraham Lincoln's legacy to the United States. The video could provide an overview of the key issues surrounding both the Civil War and the eventual abolition of slavery. It could be used to help explain the contrasting views of the Union and the Confederacy on economic and moral issues. Students could draft an obituary for Abraham Lincoln. Paired work could involve two contrasting reports of his assassination; one from a northern Union newspaper and one from the South.

  • 2012
  • 00:09:40
  • 15-17
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