The Nature of Things Biomimicry: Learning From Nature

The Nature of Things Biomimicry: Learning From Nature

The two-part series Biomimicry: Learning From Nature is based on the acclaimed book Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine Benyus. The biomimics’ goal is to find benign and sustainable ways to meet our needs for food, materials, medicine and energy. By beginning to learn from nature, biomimics are finding out that, in all her activities, nature creates conditions conducive to life. In answer to their question, “How shall we live?”, the biomimics have realized one very important, and hopeful fact: we are surrounded by genius. After decades of research into the lives of insects, bivalves, plants and mammals, biomimics are uncovering major insights into how life occurs. The series focuses on the work of Benysus and several other scientists and interweaves many layers of storytelling.

  • 2002
  • 01:46:50
  • 13-14
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Biomimicry [LCSH] Technological innovations [LCSH] Human ecology [LCSH] Nature [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Technology [LCSH] Biology [LCSH]
David T. Suzuki (Host), David Springbett (Producer), Janine M. Benyus (Writer), Paul Lang (Director), Michael Bennett (Production Coordinator)
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