French Grammar Bon appétit: Nouns

French Grammar Bon appétit: Nouns

Bon Appétit sees four British students go trolley-to-trolley in a Parisian supermarket, all with the aim of improving their knowledge of French nouns. Split into two teams, this film sees the students racing against the clock, with each team having only a few minutes to buy as much food as possible. Simple enough, but with one small challenge. One team may only buy “masculine” products and the other only “feminine" products. Teacher Notes: You could set up a challenge similar to that in the film. Bring in a selection of random everyday items. Split your class into teams and get each team to nominate one person at a time to take on the other teams. Rather than racing around a supermarket, they could instead be presented with one item at a time and say what the item is in French. Make sure the other competitors cannot see or hear while each challenger takes part. The winner is the team that get the most items correct.

  • 2018
  • 00:03:25
  • 13-14
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