My Brilliant Brain Born Genius

At two years old, Marc Yu taught himself how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano. One year later, he was tackling Beethoven. Without ever studying, Marc also has perfect pitch – the ability to identify musical notes as easily as identifying colors – a skill that only one in 10,000 people has. How did Marc develop his amazing musical ability? His mother exposed him to music at a very early age. Did that shape his penchant for music or was he born brilliant? Born Genius investigates whether nature gifts some children with a ‘genius gene’ while also examining the role nurture plays in shaping intelligence. Do children who are nurtured to learn at a very young age excel more easily than their peers? And more importantly, what happens if a child misses out on crucial brain stimulation early in life?

  • 2007
  • 00:47:16
  • 13-14
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Brain [LCSH] Genius [LCSH] Gifted children -- Case studies [LCSH] Cognition [LCSH] Music -- Physiological aspects [LCSH] Learning -- Physiological aspects [LCSH] Education, Preschool [LCSH] Child development [LCSH] Toddlers -- Development [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Biology [LCSH] Medical sciences [LCSH] Psychology [LCSH] Education [LCSH] Music [LCSH]
Marc Yu (Subject), Robert Hartel (Director), Oliver Morse (Producer), Ian Duncan (Producer), Alice Lister (Production Coordinator), Gina McKee (Narrator)
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