Marketplace Can You Hack It?

Marketplace Can You Hack It?

Marketplace reveals how big stores are hacked for personal information more often than we're told. From a street corner in downtown Vancouver, Wendy Mesley enlists the help of an internet security expert to do what hackers do easily every day — that is, grab your personal information out of thin air. Vulnerability to this crime is a major concern for every type of retailer. Every business hopes to avoid a repeat of the recent scandal that hit TJX, parent company of Winners and HomeSense, when they announced hackers had stolen 40 million credit card numbers from their databases. But as Mesley finds out, Canadian companies are not obliged to disclose security breaches, so many information invasions are kept secret from consumers.

  • 2007
  • 00:19:33
  • 15-17
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Hackers [LCSH] Internet -- Security measures [LCSH] Computer networks -- Security measures [LCSH] Privacy, Right of [LCSH] Information technology [LCSH] Computer science [LCSH]
Wendy Mesley (Journalist), Catherine Clark (Producer)
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