News in Review Canada's Soccer Fixing Scandal

News in Review Canada's Soccer Fixing Scandal

When the Canadian women’s soccer team played the United States in the semi-final match at the London Olympics, the referee made a series of bizarre calls that many felt cost Canada the match. With the Canadians leading 3-2 in the 80th minute, Canada’s goalkeeper was called for holding the ball for too long, a call that is almost never made and that even the US coach found mind-boggling. On the ensuing indirect free kick, the ball deflected off of a Canadian defender’s arm which prompted the referee to penalize the Canadian player for handling the ball. The US scored on the subsequent penalty kick to tie the game and they went on to score the game winner in extra-time fortunately Canada beat France to win the bronze while the US eventually took the gold. For many Canadians the US comeback was too improbable, with more than a few fans claiming “the fix was in.”

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  • NIR-12-11 - Canada's Soccer Fixing Scandal

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