Fortune Hunters Cellphone Frenzy: Making Money with Mobile Applications

Fortune Hunters Cellphone Frenzy: Making Money with Mobile Applications

Canadians send over 45 million text messages every day, a statistic that has cellphone companies “LOL-ing” all the way to the bank. And even in 2009’s murky economy, it looks like the mobile market is still one worth dialing into. Cellphones are a $3.8 trillion dollar worldwide industry, with Canadian market accounting for a $38 billion dollar chunk of that pie. Even when times are tight, Canadians still feel the need to be connected and just aren’t willing to do without their BlackBerrys. In this episode, get the 411 on Jeff Kao, Taneem Talukdar, Gary Pong, Jason Wong and Robert Lam. Partners in Ecorio, these Ontario IT grads created a GPS program for your cellphone that tracks your daily carbon footprint and offers options to reduce your environmental impact. They're off to a high-profile start after winning a cash prize of $275,000 in a Google-sponsored competition to design cellphone applications. Can they parlay this opportunity into a thriving business?

  • 2009
  • 00:19:33
  • 13-14
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