Doc Zone Chocolate Confidential

Doc Zone Chocolate Confidential

It’s the most popular flavour in the world, and as Chocolate Confidential reveals, the lengths to which some people will go to pursue their passion for chocolate are amazing. You can drink it, eat it, it’s good for your heart and can even be a beauty tool — it’s undeniably a universal obsession. With the average North American consuming 11.7 pounds of chocolate each year, the Swiss taking in double that, and Valentine’s Day offering the perfect marketing opportunity, chocolate has become a billion dollar industry.

  • 2007
  • 00:44:37
  • 13-14
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Chocolate [LCSH] Chocolate candy [LCSH] Chocolate -- History [LCSH] Chocolate processing [LCSH] Chocolate industry [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] World history [LCSH] Economics [LCSH] Diet [LCSH] Beauty culture [LCSH] Cooking [LCSH]
Marcy Cuttler (Director), David Wells (Producer), Susan Dando (Producer), Caroly Larson (Narrator)
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