The National D-Day 70: Juno Beach Inspires Teacher

The National D-Day 70: Juno Beach Inspires Teacher

Neil Orford is one of those high school teachers you don't forget. But it is Juno Beach he wants students to remember. He is deeply committed to that place and that moment when Canadian troops landed on what will always be remembered as D-Day. "I think Juno Beach is a sacred piece of Canadian territory in another land," says the high-school teacher in Shelburne, Ontario. As Orford explains to his students, Canadian troops proved themselves both courageous and reliable in horrific conditions, earning respect for themselves and a young nation. Two students from the Centre Dufferin District High School, thanks in part to Orford, were given important roles in the D-Day 70th anniversary ceremonies. They were chosen as "youth ambassadors" to recite the Commitment to Remember before thousands of people.

  • 2014
  • 00:03:11
  • 9-12
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