None of the Above Defying Gravity

None of the Above Defying Gravity

Wonderful, bewildering and sensational science is all around us. In a series of experiments in everyday environments, British host Tim Shaw shows us the magic of science. From the near miraculous abilities of a Shaolin monk to what happens when 10,000 volts are pumped straight into a watermelon, this is a show that’s full of surprises. What happens when heat resistant ovenware is pushed to the limit, when a wine bottle is heated and cooled in quick succession, and when the strength of human is hair put to the test? Tune in to find out!

  • 2013
  • 00:22:01
  • 9-12
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Pressure [LCSH] Magnets [LCSH] Magnetic fields [LCSH] Electric currents [LCSH] Temperature -- Physiological effect [LCSH] Hair [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Physics [LCSH] Chemistry [LCSH] Science -- Experiments [LCSH]
Tim Shaw (Host), Joss Thompson (Producer), Simon Tatum (Director), Jake Cardew (Producer), Christopher Gaunt (Director)
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