News in Review Election 2000: Chrétien's Third Majority

News in Review Election 2000: Chrétien's Third Majority

Jean Chrétien's third majority win provides the opportunity for assessing a political campaign that often seemed to devolve into name-calling; a campaign that in numerous ways created a more polarized electorate than in the past. At the same time, it was a campaign in which the issue of leadership and perennial Canadian issues such as health care, cultural diversity, the concerns of senior citizens and regional needs and sensitivities prevailed. Apathy among youth voters is also examined, and the election's youngest candidate is profiled.

  • 2000
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December 2000
Canada. Parliament -- Elections, 2000 [LCSH] Elections -- Canada [LCSH] Political campaigns -- Canada [LCSH] Chrétien, Jean, 1934- [LCSH] Canada -- Politics and government -- 1993-2006 [CSH] Canada -- History -- 1963- [CSH] Social sciences [LCSH] Political science [LCSH] Canada -- History [LCSH]
Knowlton Nash (Host), Tom Kennedy (Journalist), Paul Hunter (Journalist), Saša Petricic (Journalist), Susan Harada (Journalist), Eric Sorensen (Journalist)
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  • Election 2000: Chretien's Third Majority

    Election 2000: Chretien's Third Majority

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