Fortune Hunters Exotic Foods: The Business Behind Global Tastes

Fortune Hunters Exotic Foods: The Business Behind Global Tastes

Meat and potatoes no more. Nowadays it's samosas, tzatziki, and szechwan! As North America has become more ethnically diverse, so have our palates. And with Canadians traveling the world more than ever, we're coming home hungry for new-found flavours. Call it gastronomic globalization! Big companies are taking aim at the exotic trend: Pringles now offers Thai sweet chili flavour and Heinz has introduced curry ketchup. Fortune Hunters scoured the country looking for exotic food entrepreneurs. In Ottawa, brothers Carlos and Fernando Felix are staking their fortune on Jam-ato, a sweet tomato jam made from their Portuguese grandmother's secret recipe. In Vancouver, celebrated restaurateur Vikram Vij packs his exotic meals in take home pouches, and can barely keep up with demand for his spicy dishes. And in Toronto, the Fortune Hunter cooking up the biggest plan of them all, Anita Saini, and her line of ready-to-eat Indian sauces. Is there big money in our big appetite for new tastes? And how easy is it to turn your family’s secret recipe into a supermarket sensation?

  • 2008
  • 00:21:24
  • 13-14
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