The Canadian Experience Expulsion Must-See

The Canadian Experience Expulsion Must-See

This Canadian Experience documentary tells the story of the expulsion of the Acadians. In 1755, English colonial officials forcibly expelled 7,000 French-speaking Acadians from their lands in Nova Scotia, lands that had been in Acadian hands for almost 150 years. Expulsion follows the epic tale of a people played as pawns in a struggle between two empires. It is a saga of death and dislocation and resistance that reverberates still — a key event in the history of the colonizing of North America. This documentary covers the events leading up to the expulsion. Shot in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Louisiana and Boston, re-enactments and interviews compellingly bring the events to life.

  • 2004
  • 00:44:16
  • 13-14
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