None of the Above Extreme Heat

None of the Above Extreme Heat

In this episode of None of the Above, Tim Shaw takes us on a thermometer busting scientific journey, from the all-powerful concentrated sunlight of a Fresnel lens to the incredible transformation created by the deep freeze properties of liquid nitrogen. In between he sets a flamethrower against an ice block with astonishing results, creates an eye-popping effect with ordinary corn starch, and risks his beloved Ranchero being crushed by cinder blocks.

  • 2013
  • 00:21:59
  • 9-12
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Solar energy [LCSH] Solar cooking [LCSH] Solar energy -- Testing [LCSH] Non-Newtonian fluids [LCSH] Air pressure [LCSH] Heat -- Physiological effect [LCSH] Cold -- Physiological effect [LCSH] Science -- Experiments [LCSH] Science [LCSH]
Tim Shaw (Host), Joss Thompson (Producer), Simon Tatum (Director), Christopher Gaunt (Director), Jake Cardew (Producer)
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