Fortune Hunters Facebook Factor: Social Networking for Profit

Fortune Hunters Facebook Factor: Social Networking for Profit

Log on, sign in, and cash out. That seems to be the business model for the multitude of social networking sites that have taken over cyberspace in the past few years. Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter dominate the dot com world and our free time. Canadians spend an average of 43 hours per month online, with Facebook and MySpace among the top 10 sites in the country. Most entrepreneurs in this niche make their revenue through advertising. By 2008, the online ad industry topped US$653.9 billion. Find out what the fortunes are for one such entrepreneur, Mike Tan. His TeamPages website helps amateur sports teams stay huddled and organized. Also, the regular Fortune Hunters segment My First Million features an entrepreneur who fell into success, and the love business, by accident. Learn the story behind Bruce Croxon and Lavalife, Canada's No. 1 online dating site.

  • 2009
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