The National Fight or Flight

The National Fight or Flight

The health care system in remote northern communities is in an abysmal situation. In Island Lake Reserve in Northern Manitoba, there isn't a hospital, an emergency ward or even a resident doctor. The situation is even more critical given that this community has the highest rate of diabetes in Canada, four times higher than the national average – particularly among children. Every family on the reserve has at least one person who is afflicted, but often entire families have the disease. We see how many members of the community must decide whether to make the 1,000 km journey to Winnipeg for dialysis several times a month or uproot themselves and their families, and move to the city permanently. The costs, both in transporting patients and providing treatment in Winnipeg, and to the afflicted, their families and their community, continue to mount. Reserve leaders lobby the government for local medical facilities, but to no avail.

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