Fortune Hunters Franchise Fame and Fortune

Fortune Hunters Franchise Fame and Fortune

Franchising plays a big part in our economy. Franchise chains account for $90 billion a year in sales — 10 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product. And all that money means a whole lot of jobs: over one million Canadians work for a franchised company. Even in an economic downturn, franchising is a reliable business. The industry grew faster than the rest of the economy during the economic turmoil that followed 9/11. And now too, experts predict that people eager to create their own jobs in a time of uncertainty are even more attracted to the safety of a proven concept. Follow Amanda and Chris Collucci as they try to sweep the world off its feet with their housekeeping franchise concept, Clean4Me. They're pushing hard for $300,000 in investment to get their franchise package off the ground, debuting it at the largest franchise show in North America.

  • 2009
  • 00:19:34
  • 13-14
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