The Fifth Estate Getting Off Easy: White-Collar Criminals

The Fifth Estate Getting Off Easy: White-Collar Criminals

Even after stealing millions from innocent victims or bilking charities, first-time non-violent offenders are eligible for parole after serving as little as one-sixth of their sentence. Free to go with what some see as a slap on the wrist, some crooks and cons are released and at risk to re-offend without being required to pay restitution to their victims. As Bill C-59 — the Abolition of the Early Parole Act — winds through Parliament and makes its way to the Senate, Hana Gartner takes a look at the cons and crimes of two fraudsters previously featured on The Fifth Estate and reveals what's become of them since they were locked up. 

  • 2011
  • 00:40:29
  • 13-14
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