News in Review Government Mismanagement: Minister Besieged

News in Review Government Mismanagement: Minister Besieged

An audit of the federal job-creation grant program reveals what has been described at best as sloppy bookkeeping. As the current minister for the Department of Human Resources, Jane Stewart must defend not only her own political reputation, but that of the entire Liberal government. This story reveals how cabinet ministers of the Crown become especially accountable to the general public, the media and opposition forces whether or not they personally are responsible for perceived errors or mismanagement. This aspect of political noblesse oblige and the parliamentary tradition of not holding a minister responsible for policy and practices once he or she has left a particular portfolio highlight the degree of responsibility that elected government officials must assume in order that the integrity of the democratic process be protected.

  • 2000
  • 00:12:53
  • 13-14
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  • Government Mismanagement: Minister Besieged

    Government Mismanagement: Minister Besieged

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