Growth Mindset How your mindset can affect your approach to challenges

Growth Mindset How your mindset can affect your approach to challenges

A school talent show is announced. Tom and Meesha are both going to enter. Tom has a growth mindset, while Meesha has a fixed mindset. Tom wants to challenge himself. Meesha wants to avoid a challenge. She just wants to do something she's done before, that she knows is safe. Tom decides to try juggling. He practices and practices, works hard at it and puts the effort in. It takes a while, but he perseveres. By the time of the talent show he has taught himself how to juggle. His growth mindset has helped him embrace the challenge. He believed he could get better at juggling and so he made decisions which reflected this belief. He could imagine himself growing and developing by taking on the challenge. Meesha finds the idea of challenge difficult. Her fixed mindset leads her to believe that she can't change; that talent, ability and intelligence are innate. She fears taking on a challenge and doing something different. She doesn't believe she can grow and change. After seeing Tom master the challenge he has set for himself, and after feeling bored by the fact that she can already do the dance she is practicing, Meesha decides to change her mindset. She decides that she too can think differently. That she too can take on the challenge of doing something new. Meesha pushes herself to embrace the challenge – and she feels great as a result. She changes her mindset and so we see both the influence of a growth mindset on the decisions and thoughts we take in lessons, as well as an important model of how anyone can change their mindset. Teacher notes: This video could be used as an introduction to growth mindsets and a tool for helping learners reflect on how they think about learning and their own potential to develop.

  • 2018
  • 00:03:58
  • 9-12
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