National Geographic Documentaries Inside Area 51’s Secrets

National Geographic Documentaries Inside Area 51’s Secrets

It's the most famous military installation in the world, yet it doesn't officially exist. Area 51 – a site for covert Cold War operations – has long been a magnet for crackpots, conspiracy theorists and the overly curious. While there may not be truth to the rumours that Area 51 is a haven for UFOs and extraterrestrials, it's clear that the U.S. government has been up to something in Area 51 for decades, and it turns out there is a kernel of truth to even some of the wildest speculation. Underground tunnels, hidden enemy aircraft, secret government UFO files… Now, after years of silence, for the first time Area 51 insiders spill their secrets and reveal what's really been going on inside the most secretive place on earth.

  • 2010
  • 00:45:02
  • 9-12
  • Added on: 05/06/2016
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Area 51 (Nev.) [LCSH] Aeronautics, Military -- Research -- United States [LCSH] Air bases -- California -- Nevada [LCSH] Research aircraft -- United States [LCSH] Area 51 (Nev.) -- Employees -- Interviews [LCSH] Technology [LCSH] Science [LCSH]
Peter Yost (Director), David Strathairn (Narrator), Andrew Grimes (Production Coordinator), Linda Goldman (Producer)
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