Brain Games It's About Time

Brain Games It's About Time

It's what wakes you up in the morning, let's you know when your toast is ready, and gets you to work. Its the slim margin between winning a gold or silver medal and can be the difference between disaster and a close call. For some it is measured in eons. For others, just seconds. Of course we're talking about time. And this episode explores how that three-pound mass of tissue between your ears can measure something so abstract and invisible. You’ll discover why time flies when you’re having fun, and slows down when you’re in danger. Best of all, we'll show you how to keep the years from slipping away as you get older. So pay attention. You’re just in time for Brain Games!

  • 2013
  • 00:22:30
  • 13-14
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Time -- Psychological aspects [LCSH] Time perception [LCSH] Attention [LCSH] Senses and sensation [LCSH] Brain [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Psychology [LCSH] Biology [LCSH]
Jerry Kolber (Producer), Adam Davis (Producer), Isaac Holub (Producer), Trey Nelson (Director), Michael Nigro (Director), Jason Odell Williams (Producer), Jason Silva (Host), Angela Snow (Production Coordinator), Nai Pak (Production Coordinator)
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