Monster Math Squad Monster Hopscotch

Monster Math Squad Monster Hopscotch

Hoppity Monster loves the game Monster Hopscotch, with its 10 squares, but he wants MORE squares to hop in, so he calls in the Squad! They discover the problem is that Hoppity can’t add more squares to his board because he can’t count higher than 10. With the help of a Math Monitor, the Squad and Hoppity learn the next five numbers after 10 and draw more squares. Then they count on another Math Monitor to show them how to correctly number those squares. Hoppity is Happity – he has more squares to hop in! Yay! We did the math! Words of the Day: After 10. Math Concept: What numbers come after 10?

  • 2011
  • 00:12:30
  • 5-8
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Mathematics [LCSH]
Jeff Rosen (Producer), Charles Bishop (Producer), Michael Donovan (Producer), Katrina Walsh (Producer), William Gordon (Director)
Closed captioning
MARC Record
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Teacher Guide(s)

  • Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

    Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

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