Monster Math Squad Monster Tea Party

Monster Math Squad Monster Tea Party

Sydney Squid Monster is having a pink ink tea party, but she doesn’t know if she’s ordered enough mucky-ucky marshmallows for the party – each time she counts them, she gets a different number! The Squad say they’ll be right over to help her. At Sydney’s house, they notice that she is counting the marshmallows by putting them in a circle, and possibly counting each one more than once! Using the concept of ROW, they figure out to start counting at the beginning of the row, and stop at the end. They also learn that this applies even when there is more than one row. Sydney reveals that she’s giving the tea party for the Monster Math Squad. Yay! We did the math! Word of the Day: ROW. Math Concept: Counting objects in rows is easier because doing so gives you a starting and stopping place.

  • 2011
  • 00:12:30
  • 5-8
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Mathematics [LCSH]
Jeff Rosen (Producer), Charles Bishop (Producer), Michael Donovan (Producer), Katrina Walsh (Producer), William Gordon (Director)
Closed captioning
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Teacher Guide(s)

  • Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

    Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

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