Monster Math Squad Monsters at Play

Monster Math Squad Monsters at Play

The Monster Math Squad help a group of little monsters figure out a game of musical chairs by knowing all about MORE. When the Squad arrives, the little monsters are trying to play, but they have the same number of chairs as monsters - no one can seem to win! By removing a chair, the Squad gets the game going until the Monstrocopy chairs duplicate themselves and suddenly there are more chairs than monsters! The Squad isn't sure what to do until the music stops and the Monstrocopy chairs switch things around and sit on the little monsters! Words of the Day: MORE THAN. Math Concept: Numbers of chairs vs monsters.

  • 2011
  • 00:12:30
  • 5-8
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Mathematics [LCSH]
Jeff Rosen (Producer), Charles Bishop (Producer), Michael Donovan (Producer), Katrina Walsh (Producer), William Gordon (Director)
Closed captioning
MARC Record
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Teacher Guide(s)

  • Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

    Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

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