Cracking the Code Programming a computer game

Cracking the Code Programming a computer game

A Grade 5 class is using Scratch visual programming language to create their own computer games. We see the children at Code Club, writing their own instructions for the sprites (or characters) in a cat and mouse chase game. They talk science presenter Minna Kane through their use of commands such as FOREVER, REPEAT, IF/THEN and adding sounds to their games. We see how they drag command blocks into a sequence to tell the sprites what to do. They use variables to give the players a score. We see a young coder who has created a game with four sprites and is working through the problems this more complex game creates. We hear that problem-solving and logical thinking are key skills for coding. The children suggest more complex games they would like to code in the future. Teacher notes: Could be used as an example activity for designing and writing programs that accomplish specific goals. Is also a good example of using logical reasoning to explain how a simple program works.

  • 2013
  • 00:04:01
  • 9-12
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Computer games -- Programming [LCSH] Scratch (Computer program language) [LCSH] Programming languages (Electronic computers) [LCSH] Computer programming [LCSH] Computer science [LCSH] Information technology [LCSH]
Minna Kane (Host), Chris Atteshlis (Producer), Tim Froggatt (Producer)
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